Selfridge Photography: Blog en-us (C) Selfridge Photography [email protected] (Selfridge Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:38:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:38:00 GMT Selfridge Photography: Blog 120 90 Pompeii and the Tardis      Here is my newest body paint titled Pompeii and the Tardis. I am a big Doctor Who fan and have been wanting to do this painting for a while. This last Sunday I got to create it. The painting had to have inspiration from as many Doctors as I could get into it. So I found my inspiration from different episodes. The Pompeii episode is where the 10th (David Tennant) saves a family and the dad, played by Peter Capaldi, who is the same actor who is the 12th Doctor. I thought it would be cool to paint the Tardis over looking the Mount Vesuvius as it erupts. Then I thought how do I get anybody else into the painting and the 11th Doctor, played by Matt Smith, popped into my head. He helps out Van Gogh. So maybe I could try to paint it similar to Van Gogh. I couldn't think of how I could pull any of the other doctors into this painting so I just left it at the last three, 10-12


Pompeii and the Tardis!Pompeii and the Tardis!

This is a body paint inspired by the new Doctor Who series. I tried to pull in the 10th, 11th, and 12th actors who play the doctor into one painting. Matt Smith meets Van Gogh for the paint and the episode Pompeii is where David Tennant saves Peter Capaldi who ends up playing the 12th Doctor!

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Soul Sessions This next Friday January 31, 2014 I will have 3-4 body painted pieces in my first art show of the year.  Join me and 14 other artists and a few DJ's trying to earn some money for donations to a natural method of curing cancers. 

These are the canvas prints I will have on display at the Soul Sessions art show. 

NYC Skyline BodypaintNYC Skyline BodypaintAll Giclees are limited editions (out of 300). To purchase click on a feautured product on the right or the "buy" button and select a product.

Tunnel View BodypaintTunnel View BodypaintAll Giclees are limited editions (out of 300). To purchase click on a feautured product on the right or the "buy" button and select a product.

Purple Sunrise BodypaintPurple Sunrise BodypaintAll Giclees are limited editions (out of 300). To purchase click on a feautured product on the right or the "buy" button and select a product.

Painted Pot BodypaintPainted Pot BodypaintAll Giclees are limited editions (out of 300). To purchase click on a feautured product on the right or the "buy" button and select a product.



I painted a new piece for this show but didn't have enough time to print it on canvas.  I will have prints available at the art show.  Here is a first look at my newest body paint that is nothing like my normal work.  




Linked below is the Facebook invite. 




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How to Prepare for a Family Photo Shoot You don't get professional photos of your family everyday. This guide is meant to give you some tips on how to prepare for your photo session! Have any additions? Feel free to share in the comments section below!

  1. Eat before hand! Make sure to eat before your photo session. Children and adults alike get cranky when they're hungry. You can always bring a snack in case someone gets hungry half way through.

  2. Dress comfortably (and cute). This is ESPECIALLY important for children.  If they are uncomfortable it will show.  Kids are not good at "suffering" through it. 
  3. Coordinate you outfits. This always looks good, it's not essential that they be identical. Just similar scheme. Try to keep colors and styles coordinated. Any photo would look a little strange with one person in jeans and a nice sweater and the other person in formalwear.  Don't stress too much about this. Although the photograph below looks wonderful, it can also look just as great if you keep it simple.  Jeans and white shirt is a classic that never gets old. It just depends the look you're going for.

  4. Bribery is okay!  At least in this instance. If your kids, teenagers, or even your significant other that hates their photo taken-- bribe them!  Maybe with a movie afterwards or pizza at your favorite place.

  5. Lastly, have fun!  Really-- this is an important step.  The best photos often come when they're impromptu or not posed. It's when you're been sincere. So have fun. Don't worry about getting that one shot you saw.  Trust me to capture you and your family.

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The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift This past year, Anna contacted me wanting to suprise her husband for Valentine's Day with a special calendar and book of her.  We did a full day photoshoot and had twelve different outfits.  This was a day of fun and shooting! Here is a look at SOME of the pictures.  Of course, this is only some as well the rest are reserved only for her husband.

First we have the calendar cover..

Here are a few pages from the book...

I was very glad to hear that he was completely taken by surprise and absolutely loved his presents!!

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Liz's Family Shoot A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing Liz, her son, and her boyfriend.  We got some great family portraits.  Throughout our walk in Presidio Park I learned Liz's little boy was a big Star Wars fan.  As a fellow nerd, I suggested a shot he may very much enjoy.  This ended up as the cover on their Christmas card!


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Aguirre Family Session Earlier last month I photographed my very good friends the Aguirre Family.  We have know the Aguirre's for almostt a decade. They have become very close friends and I was honored that they asked me to do their first family photo session-- and little Nora's first professional shoot.  Nora was a great sport and did a wonderful job posing for the camera!  At the end, she was even my assistant for a little bit.



Never under estimate the curiousity of a child in what you're doing.  Even little Nora was interested.  Here are a few behind the scenes pictures of Nora's first photo lesson.  


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Breast Cancer Awareness Month In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, I am posting a photo of a body paint I did back in January for an Art Fresca art event. Proceeds from the event went to help find a cure for Breast Cancer. If you have never been to one of Art Fresca art shows here is her FB where the events are published. (
This photo is one of three photos I have from this series. In this photograph, the young woman’s eyes are open, as if she's staring cancer down- ready to face it. The other two photos are of the same bodypaint, but the feeling is very different.  She’s covering herself in to protect herself. Although her eyes are closed, she still stands strong in a self embrace. This was a very meaningful and important art piece for me- I hope it conveys what I intended to portray.
Because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month for the Month of October 25% of the profits from any sales of these three images will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  To purchase or view the other two photos from this series click here.

                                                  All Giclees are limited editions (out of 300). To purchase click on a featured product on the right or the "buy" button and select a product.

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North Star      Hello everybody I just realized there hasn't posted a blog in about a month or two.  Just over a week ago I did my first body paint in my new series.  The North Star body paint was inspired by a photograph captured up in the hills of east county San Diego off of Sunrise HWY.  The photograph was taken with the intent to have the stars to be spinning around the North Star and the silhouette of the tree in the foreground.  I just got my test prints back and they look awesome, which makes me even more excited to get this one printed on canvas.  Send me an email at [email protected] if you are interested in having a copy of North Star hanging on your wall.

North Star



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A fun shoot with Betty I had a fun shoot with "Betty" last month.  She contacted me a couple of weeks ago to do a pin-up session with a nerdy twist.  Betty wanted to do a photoshoot to make a little black book for her husband.  This was her first photoshoot, so she was understandibly a little nervous.  She came over early to have her hair and make-up done.  After the hair/make-up artist, Kendra, got her photo ready, we got to work! Before we got started Betty told me she's not much of a girly girl, and that she didn't know how to do "sexy".  So to do my best.  I think we hit the nail on the head. What do you think?


Betty was extremely happy with the photos! And so was her husband! On a side note, I was truly honored when her husband exclaimed that I was their official photographer because I was actually able to capture Betty and her smile!

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Ceci Punch Designs Earlier this month I had the pleasure and fun of photographing my good friend's, Ceci Punch Designs.  Each of the models have a different look to showcase jewelry designs from each of her fashion lines.  This photo shoot was an absolute blast!  Each of the girls had their fun, twisty, personality and really did a great job in showcasing Ceci's designs. Here are some of the photos from this very fun shoot.  You can see them all in the gallery by clicking here.

If you like the jewelry designs you should check out more of Ceci's Punch Designs by visiting her webpage here.

Vintage Vixen


Cholita Bonita


Spring Bloom


Cabana Babe


Ceci Punch Designs

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Valley of the Gods BodyPaint This body paint was inspired by my landscape photograph (below) of the Valley of the Gods in Utah. 

The paint started out well.  I had my vision and unlike my other bodypaints this one I planned on using primarily airbrush to give it the foggy effect.  I went to my usual store to pick-up airbrush paint.  I started the process by airbrushing her, then painting the details of the mountains on her-- much to my surprise the airbrush paint started eating the other paint I was applying!  This has never happened before- and unfortunately caused a bit of a delay as I tried to figure out a solution around it.  I've never had a paint eat another paint- I'm still not sure why that happened- so I came up with a solution to airbrush almost the entire body.  I'm really happy with this bodypaint artpiece.  It came out just like I wanted- even with the slight complication.

Valley of the Gods Bodypaint

Valley of the Gods

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1950s Crime Scene I've been wanting to a 1950s crime scene shoot for a while now.  I love the LA Noir look.  I had the opportunity to make that shoot a reality this past year.  After quite a bit of planning I had the opportunity of working with a wonderful team:

Models:  Amber, Felina Vie, and Joseph

Jewelry Designer:  Ceci of Ceci Punch Designs

Stylist:  Angela Coco

Make-up Artist:  Anabel of ADC Makeup Artistry

Photography:  By me!


Story:  Consequences of being the other woman


Process:  This was a fun shoot!  My inspiration for this shoot actually came from the location itself.  After driving around one evening in Santee, I saw a streetlight lighting a 1970s car near this wooden fence just right.  In that moment I envisioned an old 1950s shoot with a classic car; photographing someone's shadow against the wooden fence.  After coming up with a storyline, coordinating with  models, make-up artist, stylist, and an awesome jewelry designer we were able to make this photoshoot happen!  

You'd be surprised how much joking around we were all doing during the photoshoot.  We got lots of passerby's asking if Amber (model in white) was okay (particularly when she was laying on the ground pretending to be dead).  We eventually got interrupted by a nearby resident who asked us for permits (probably thinking we were up to no good).  She even called the police to report us.  The police officer was really nice and let us finish up our shoot (letting the neighbor know we weren't breaking any laws).  This was a truly memorable photoshoot, and I am ecstatic with the outcome!  What do you think? 






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Water Lilies This "Water Lilies" bodypaint is based off a photograph I took at the Balboa Park Botanical Gardens koy pond.  I started painting at about 12:30 p.m. until 6:00 p.m.  This is probably one of the more detailed body paints that I've done.  We had lunch, good conversation, watched some movies (well I listened and she watched), and an overall fun time.  What do you think? Prints are available for purchase here.

Small side fact: This is the first flower I've painted in over 12.5 years!

Water Lilies Bodypaint

Here's my photograph of which it was inspired by:

Water Lilies
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Breast Cancer Awareness Body Paint I felt inspired to do a special piece when I found out I was going to be showing my work at 'MEND' and part of the proceeds were to go to "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" part of the American Cancer Society.

I won't say much about this piece as I think it speaks for itself.  My concept when starting this piece was to paint the symbolic pink ribbon on the human canvas-- in particular I wanted the ribbon to hug her breast.  Upon starting the paint, I thought of this pose.  I really love the symbolism behind the hand placement.  I hope you enjoy this art piece, as much as I do.

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Last Year in Review My name is Sean Selfridge and I am a photographer and body painter in San Diego, California.  The following are a few highlights of this past year (but not in any way all of them).

This last year I showed my work for the first time at the RAW May 2012 art show with my painted super heroes and villains series.  This was the first of many shows.  Including attending as a vendor at Stan Lee's Comikazee and the Long Beach Horror and Comic Convention to show the Painted Super Heroes and Villains series.

Since the show I have incorporated my landscape photography and bodypaints to create my “Blend of Two Worlds” series.  The first painting of the series was the San Diego Skyline.  I painted this on a friend, a San Diego native, who moved across the country shortly after. Since then I have now added five other landscapes bodypaints to this series.  These have all been extremely well received.  
San Diego Skyline Bodypaint

Adding to my body painting portfolio, this past year I painted a retro bathing suit, a french maid outfit, and worked on fashion bodypaints like the high fashion puzzle photograph (see more work here).


In addition, this last year I started selling my 2013 annual landscape calendar which includes photographs I have taken in California, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and locations such as Yellowstone.  I still have a few calendars available for sale click here or contact me if you'd like to purchase one.

My wife and I designed the calendar from cover to cover.  The bottom half (where the dates appear) have a light transparent imprint of that month's photograph.


In the between this work, I have also had many photoshoots. Anywhere from family to boudoir photoshoots.  The following is a preview of some of those sessions.  

I'll be sure to keep posting some of the processes of me creating my art.  I hope you will follow me through this journey!  

If you'd like subscribe to my newsletter to be kept up-to-date on my posts and work subscribe here.

Enchantment of Jamie's Music Nerdoir

Enchantment of Jamie's Music

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