Do you offer hair and make-up services?  Yes!  Mini Photo Sessions include 1 hour and 15 minutes of hair & make-up!

Where can I buy some cute pin-up clothes?  There are a number of stores throughout San Diego County that sell pin-up clothing.  The following are a few.  If you have time to buy online you may want to check out Modcloth, as they are pretty affordable. Pin-up clothes is not required for a pin-up shoot!  I've had multiple people do pin-up shoots in lingerie and even a batgirl outfit!

Temptress - Point Loma/Ocean Beach

Bettie Page Clothing - Downtown San Diego

The Girl Can't Help It - North Park

I've never modeled before.  I'm not sure I'll know what to do.  Not to worry!  This is why you're hiring me (and to take photos of course).  My goal is to capture YOU.  To capture what makes you unique and beautiful.  Whether it be that quirky smirk, grin, or flashy smile.  Don't worry I'll work with you to pose you and make sure you that you look GREAT!

Do you touch up photos?  Yes, I touch up all photos.  If there's anything specifically you don't like about a photo let me know and I'll take care of it-- my goal is to always make you look beautiful.

What happens after the shoot?  All the photos you selected at your session are touched-up and uploaded in a private folder in the "Clients" section of my website (I'll email you a link and the password), where you can download them. 

Will you share my photos?  Not if you don't want me to share them.  I ask all my clients if its okay to post their photos on my website, Facebook, Instagram, promotional materials, etc.  Most people give me permission, but sometimes clients ask that I not share specific (or all) photos.  In which case rest assured that I will not be posting them on any public site.  I've also had clients request that I not use their name or use a "model name" which I can do as well.

What size are the digital photos I get?  Hi-resolution photos. I do offer printing services, but you can certainly print these yourself (as large as poster size).  Some clients have ordered canvases.  Like I said you can do it yourself or order through me.  The added benefit of going through me is that I make sure that photos are calibrated to the high quality printers I use.  You can order prints, canvas, alumninum prints.  If there's another medium you'd like just let me know and I'll investigate!

What form of payment do you accept?  I accept cash, checks, or credit cards.  Unfortunately, all checks must clear before final photos can be delivered/made available.

Can I get bodypainted?  Unfortunately, I do not offer bodypainting services at the mini photo sessions (there's just not enough time). If you'd like to have an outfit (or artwork) painted on you contact me and we can schedule it for another time.